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I'll be your best kept secret

and your biggest mistake

9/14/06 06:27 pm

ryan was telling everyone that i was flirting with josh on the bus, and cody was like, "you have a thing for freshmen huh?" and i hit him.

then in civics mr. dreifach broke off the pencil sharpener. it was fucking hilarious. hes going to get fired.

then josh wasnt on the bus.

9/12/06 04:11 pm

josh boone is a cutie. hes on my bus. and today we were standing in the lunch line talking. there was this "eat right" flower sign up, and he was like, "you know, it'd be so fun to just RIP that off." then i just laughed and smiled and he was like "oh fine dont say hi", so i was like "HI." and then we talked about sporks.

then on the bus i was sitting in front of him and he was messing with my cd player and asking for gum but i didnt have any because i had gotten mine from that other jessica girl (not the one whos my bestest buddy).

amber went out with him for like all year in eigth grade, thats why he knows me.

oh, and civics class is officially the funniest class ever. all the guys kept goofing around, so mr. dreifach started yelling and then everyone couldnt stop laughing so he was like "YOURE GOING TO DO YOUR WORK AND STOP LAUGHING!" and then ben wilcox got a bloody nose but mr. dreifach told the office he was faking it, so ben got an iss.

funny class. scott is in it. i still <3 him.

9/1/06 03:01 pm

yesterday was the first day of school. sophomore year isn't going to be as fun as last year.

my scottieeee! when i first saw him, my heart just like leaped. he is in my civics AND gym class! unfortunately those are both one-semester classes, i hope he's in a few of my classes next semester.

i love him. i mean really, im just in love with him. simple as that. having him is the one opportunity i want the most in this part of my life.

7/10/06 11:27 pm

hehehe. i showed matt scott's myspace which led to this conversation.

Aquafinn16: i don't know WHY you like him ><
dracosgrl187: what are your guesses?
dracosgrl187: lol jk.
Aquafinn16: the music video scares me
dracosgrl187: its just this thing that i like about him.
dracosgrl187: love is confusing.
Aquafinn16: o.<
dracosgrl187: it started in like october. when he sat across from me in math class a few times to be around his friends. and he doodled a lot and i was like "you know hes really cute" and bla bla bla.
Aquafinn16: o.o
dracosgrl187: sighhh.
dracosgrl187: and what am i supposed to like about someone?
dracosgrl187: the typical nice smart funny okay to look at?
Aquafinn16: well personally
Aquafinn16: your going to yell at me
Aquafinn16: but if i was a girl
dracosgrl187: hm?
Aquafinn16: i would think he was butt ugly
Aquafinn16: xD
dracosgrl187: i find him adorable.
dracosgrl187: everyone thinks hes ugly. no ig deal.
dracosgrl187: *big
Aquafinn16: meh
Aquafinn16: you have an ODD taste in peopel you liek
dracosgrl187: and whom else have i liked that youve considered bad taste?
Aquafinn16: zach
Aquafinn16: xD
Aquafinn16: ryan
Aquafinn16: cody was al right
dracosgrl187: i never liked ryan.
Aquafinn16: but he's not for you
Aquafinn16: you had that fling thing
Aquafinn16: xD
dracosgrl187: zach was not bad taste!
dracosgrl187: everyone thought zach was hot!
dracosgrl187: and he was so nice.
Aquafinn16: meh
Aquafinn16: i have no comment
dracosgrl187: lets agree on one person that was bad taste.
Aquafinn16: why?
dracosgrl187: because i havent had bad taste!
Aquafinn16: i don't like most of the guys you date
Aquafinn16: its all personal opinion
Aquafinn16: ><
dracosgrl187: i never liked ryan (i was just desperate so i THOUGHT i liked him), zach was not bad taste, scott is not bad taste.
dracosgrl187: no comment on jake.
Aquafinn16: like i said
dracosgrl187: okay.
dracosgrl187: i just like disagreeing with you. ^^

haha hes practically my big brother.

7/8/06 10:27 pm

So I am kind of flipping confused right now.

I am looking at Scott's picture on myspace, yes I found it about a week ago. And realizing that I just love him so much.

But I am starting to like Jake. I mean, I barely even gave him a chance. I could have such a chance with him, but the feelings for him could never measure up to those I have for Scott. That I know of. I love Scott, I really do. Yet I have no chance with him in this point in time, if I were to ever go out with him it would be a long time from now.

good god i am confused.

7/2/06 06:19 pm - my heart stopped when i read this.

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how convenient.

6/29/06 10:50 am - day six, the dreams have already started.

last night i had a dream about scott.

so it was the second to last day of school and we were leaving from this school camping trip and i was looking for him. then the next morning i was rushing to get to school but i missed the bus. then when i got to school i was taking my math exam and scott was in the class. he kept changing seats. one time he was in front of me then behind me and then two rows over from me but the girl between us kept moving so hw asked mr. mruk if she could like calm down.

nice dream.

6/23/06 11:59 pm

oh my fecking god. today was the last day of school. before scott arrived, i was thinking "i hope we wears a cute shirt today". surely enough, he wore his avenged sevenfold shirt. ^_^ sam hubbard randomly came up to our group and yelled, "OH MY GOD!" and scott was taping it.

then later on, i was standing outside the cafeteria with the group, and scott walked by. i said to matt, "that may be the last time ill see him!" and so matt was like "what, is he moving next year?" and i was like "no, i dont think so." i thought id see scott at the end of the day.

and i didnt see him. i was searching the school, to look for my love, so i could see him for the last time before two months without him. i started crying and when i came back, matt was like "whats wrong" and i was like "nothing, its the last day of school." i told him they were tears of happiness, that school was over.

and then i tried to stop from crying. and i am crying right now. because i will miss scott so fucking much.

and yeah after school we went to six flags. with andi matt kelsey jess and chris. at one point when we were all eating, kelsey andi and matt got up to get icess, leaving me jess and chris. then jess went up to the bathroom.

most awkward five minutes ever.

and yeah six flags wasnt as cool as last time.

when they were driving me home, i was discussing my "relationship problems" and everyone wanted me to shut up. i retold them about the ngith of chris and they laughed. dude, so many so adorable things happened that night! nine months ago tonight, was pure fucking magic.

chris is one of my potential soulmates, whom i experienced love at first sight with. then theres billy joe, who is the d to my d/hr. then theres ryan, who im practically already married to. then there of course is scott, whom i swear i have loved more than anyone else. then theres... oh shit nevermind. cant say. people would kill me. anyway with that guy it was kind of love at first sight.

i have loved scott more than zach because:
a. when zach danced with jessica blair, i cried a lot. but when scott flirted with another girl, i went home and cried hysterically.
b. on the last day of 8th grade, i didnt cry when it was my last day of seeing zach. however i am crying over scott today.
c. zach was just hot, and okay he was nice too, and sort of smart. hes mainstream. scott however, is underappreciated, he has the most amazing personality even only from before, he is just more lovable to me. zach is more crushable.
d. i went into denial with my feelings for scott. last year in washington, he sat next to me at one of the museums. i was thinking that he was hot, yet forgot about him. and in math i still noticed him but only labeled him as "fucking sexy". with zach, it was just...ergh. teh boringness.

6/21/06 09:01 pm - updateness

so, yeah. i havent posted in practically forever.

SIX FLAGS. WAS LIKE A MONTH AGO. but fun. when i first saw chris, i was like thinking, "oh my god there he is", but i was only getting in the car so i couldnt see him that well. during the ride to ehs (where we would meet up with everyone else) he got out to go sit with the rest of the guys, and so andi could sit with us. and that was when i got a view of what he looked like. i seriously thoguht something like, "oh my god, i made out with that?" he was fricking UGLY! it mustve been the lights that night in september. haha, "that night in september", that would be a good movie or song or book name.
so then that day we went on rides and stuff. and at one point, cody had his arm around me, because he was pimp!batman, and andi said we should go out, but he said, "yeah, i think ryans working on that." but i swear i felt him pull me closer. then later i got a bert plushie! jessica let me have it, she won it. ^_^

5/6/06 07:23 pm

Chris is a jerk.

Chris is a hypocrite.

Chris is a liar.

Chris is a heartbreaker.

I've written like a page on everything I hate about Chris.

Yet I'm extremely eager to see him in twenty one days.
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